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“I Need a CCTV System Installing”
“I Need CCTV at my Premises”

The increasing technological advances in CCTV Systems, makes it ever more important to choose a company with up-to-date product knowledge and in-depth installation experience.

ALP Electric have years of experience in the supply and install of many bespoke CCTV Solutions ranging from Home Monitoring to Large Commercial installations across Birmingham and its surrounding areas.

A CCTV System is the ideal system to protect your property. As well as a visual deterrent, video or digital recording acts as a useful reference in the event of a crime taking place.

There are many CCTV devices available and a wide range of features. Integrating CCTV into our other security systems such as access control and intruder verification is another option for the ultimate security system. ALP Electric has experience within all of these areas.

ALP Electric can install CCTV Systems that range from a simple analogue or digital package for the smaller premise to highly advanced digital systems which can be interfaced with Intruder, Access control and Fire systems.

CCTV Systems offer such a wide range of applications and benefits 24 hours a day. Systems can aid the monitoring of stock, machinery, personnel, visitors, access control and health & safety requirements.

Installing the right equipment for particular situations and circumstances is imperative for getting the most out of the system.

That’s where the expertise of qualified engineers can make sure the technology works for you. Whether monitoring company premises or city centres, clear pictures are reproduced with first-rate clarity of untoward activity for evidential purposes.

ALP Electric are a highly qualified and Friendly Electrical Contractor based in Birmingham. We also have a shop based in Birmingham where we stock a large range of Electrical Goods. Please call us on 0121 445 1971 for further assistance.

What is CCTV ?

A CCTV System consists of one or more video cameras in a ‘closed circuit’ which is not intended for public broadcast, but for selected users.

ALP Electric offers both traditional static cameras and the latest joystick-controlled, high-speed dome cameras with 30x optical zoom lenses and low-light capabilities. Linked to the latest generation of digital multiplexer/hard disk recorders, these systems have the ability to record at the rate of six frames per camera, per second. They can store up to 6 months of video to hard disk, which is available for instant recall with no degradation of image quality.

Other possibilities include remote monitoring of sites from the company’s central station. Any site fitted with a CCTV System can be monitored remotely. Electronic detectors are installed to monitor the site. In the event of unauthorised activity, the central monitoring station will be alerted to the situation and can observe it via the CCTV cameras, even talking to the intruders over an optional public address system. This type of set up is increasingly installed where the cost of manned guarding becomes prohibitive.