CED 17th Edition Consumer Unit


CED 10 Ways Board
Electrical Consumer Unit
17th Edition
5 & 5 Split Load

5 & 5 Split Load CED 17th Edition Consumer Unit
Room for 10 Circuits in total

Board Dimensions: W325mm H228mm D120mm

Uses a flexible configuration to provide the optimal combinations of RCD protected circuits
and circuits with individual RCBO or MCB protection

1 x 100 Amp DP Main switch controls the entire board and allows for up to 10 circuits
1 x 80 Amp 30mA RCD allowing common RCD circuits to be split around a building

Allows 100% RCD Protection
Option for High Integrity with Individual RCBOs
80Amp 30mA RCD Protection
Allows for RCD Exemptions on MCBs
Main Switch controls all circuits

  • Allows 100% RCD Protection
  • Option for High Integrity with Individual RCBOs
  • Allows for RCD Exemptions on MCBs
  • Main Switch controls all circuits
  • Robust Plastic construction
  • Flip down transparent lid
  • Quick Lock/Release of board cover
  • Sturdy Busbar & connections
  • 9 knock outs top & bottom
  • 4 knock outs rear

    This Boxed Unit comes complete (excluding MCB's)
    and Includes -
  • 1x 100Amp Double Pole Isolator
  • 1x 80Amp 30mA RCD (Residual Current Device)
  • Internal Busbar & Cover
  • Internal Wiring
  • Earth Terminals
  • 2x Neutral Terminals
  • Room for 5 MCB's on RCD side of board
  • Room for 5 MCB's or RCBO's on Isolator side of board
  • RCD Warning Label
  • Fuseboard Blanks
  • Circuit ID Labels

    The 17th Edition Use of RCD's Explained
    It's important to understand that the 17th Edition differentiates between installations depending on the user.

    E.g. the regulations talk of "installations not under the
    supervision of skilled or instructed persons" and "socket
    outlets for general use by ordinary persons"
    This type of installation requires "Additional Protection" by use of 30mA RCDs on many circuits that have not previously
    needed protection by RCDs.

    Considering most domestic installations have a few
    socket circuits, a few lighting circuits a couple of bathroom
    circuits amongst others and, if all of these have been wired
    in the traditional manner, with twin & earth cable beneath
    the plaster surface, its difficult to come to any other
    conclusion than every circuit requires 30mA protection
    as well as protection by MCBs.

    However, it's important to ensure that a single fault
    does not cause inconvenience, danger or other hazards
    therefore more than one 30mA RCD will be required.

    For example a fault on the shower should not plunge the
    bathroom into darkness at the same time.

    There are many types of property to consider from
    bed-sits to multi storey town houses.
    Dwellings with one bathroom to larger properties with two
    bathrooms and en- suites.
    Each will require its own design considerations.

    There are many types of equipment to consider too.
    Some that can be grouped together onto one RCD like in
    a split load board but, there are other items of
    equipment that may require a dedicated supply such as
    smoke alarms, burglar alarms, warden call, door entry etc.

    Alp Electric Limited can supply a variety of consumer units and devices that will help the designer and installer to meet these new regulations.

    For further information or technical advice call our friendly & qualified staff on
    0121 445 1971
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