Audio Telescopic Microphone Supercardoid


A dual function, electret condenser camcorder microphone, which can be easily switched from "normal" to "telescopic" sensitivity, thereby making distant subjects sound much closer. With uni-directional characteristics, the microphone will eliminate all background noise from the back or side. It is ideal for all recording applications, such as outdoor sports broadcasts or indoor stage recording and is lightweight and portable enough to be left on your camcorder at all times. Includes windscreen, mic grip holder, and 6 metres of microphone cable with 3-pin XLR male to female connectors and PVC carry case.
Technical Data
Type Super Cardioid Electret Condenser
System Uni-directional
Impedance 400O (normal)

1.5kO (telescopic)
Sensitivity -70dB 3dB@1kHz (normal)

-55dB 3dB@1kHz (telescopic)
Frequency Response 60Hz-18kHz
Pick-up Pattern Super Cardioid
Sound Pressure Level 120dB max.
Material Aluminium
Connector 3-pin XLR balance
Power 1.5V AA battery
Weight 130g
Dimensions (LxDia.) 320x?22mm