CCTV Audio Microphone


CCTV Audio Microphone

A superb audio add-on unit for CCTV systems.
Contains a microphone and pre-amp with
adjustable gain control for excellent sound reproduction.
Terminal strip style connection.

This Audio microphone is a low cost internal
audio unit for use with a camera or
CCTV system.
The unit contains a microphone with an adjustable preamplifier and is powered by a 12v DC supply.
It is fitted with an LED to display when the unit is powered up. The LED can be disabled by removing a jumper connection inside the unit. The audio box
has some knock out sections for removal to
connect the power and audio cables.
The current draw is only 6mA so the unit is
particularly suited to covert operations
using battery power

Operating Adjustments
This audio unit has a
preamplifier adjustment. If you
find that feedback is occurring
then adjust using a screwdriver.
When 12V DC power is
applied the LED will light. If
this is not required remove the

Connecting Audio Unit
There are three terminal
connections SIG, GND and 12v DC.
Two connections are required for
the audio output, SIG and GND.
Connect 12vDC input to the 12V
connection and connect the
negative to the GND connection.
Therefore you have two cables
going to GND.
Ensure you use a 12 V DC supply.

Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage 12v DC regulated
Frequency Range 100 ~ 10000 Hz
Input Impedance 600 ohm
Operating Current 6 mA