CCTV Dome Colour 550TVL Nite Devil 4-9mm


NiteDevil sees in low light where other cameras can't !!

3 Axis Bracket for Wall Mounting
Internal or External Use
Ideal for bars & clubs.
Works in colour in lower light
Low Light Moonlight Mode
Vari-Focal 4-9mm Lens
High resolution - 550TVL Superb Colour Reproduction

Working in extremely low light contitions the NiteDevil produces exceptional results where other CCTV cameras wouldn't see a thing!

The popular Nite Devil electronics were originally developed for bars and nightclubs, as the light sensitivity of the NiteDevil is so good that it can retain a colour picture in very low light conditions.

With such stunning low light performance and the ability to capture colour images in low light situations, the NiteDevil is a great choice not only for nightclubs and bars but for any poorly illuminated external areas such as compounds, car parks and wasteland.

This is the surface mount model and it can also be used internally or externally with the wall mount bracket