LED Floodlight 20W Cool-White


20W LED Security Flood Light

  • LED
  • Only 20W (Equivalent to 200W Halogen)
  • 2000 Lumens
  • Cool White Coloured output - 5500K - 6500K
  • Voltage Input - 100Vac to 240Vac
  • Light Angle - 120Degrees
  • IP Rating - IP65 Outdoor Use
  • Material - Cast Aluminium
  • Average Life - 50 000 Hours

    Perfect for replacing your traditional 200W Halogen Floodlight.

    Exterior LED Floodlighting Unusually for an LED, the light spreads very naturally and as you would expect is thrown a good distance. Often LED lights have a defined edge to the lit area - this is not the case with this light.

    High Efficiency

    Despite it's low power consumption of just 20W, this LED floodlight can be used as a good alternative to a "standard"
    200W halogen floodlight and uses less than a 16th of the energy. These LED floodlights cost more at the outset but if the light is used every night (say on average 10 hours per night) it will pay for itself within 1 year. An additional advantage is that you don't have the hassle or expense of replacing blown halogen bulbs.

    Saves electricity, saves money, saving the environment

    Switches on instantly (the only efficient light source that currently does this) meaning it can be used with passive infra red sensor (PIR).

    Low maintenance, the LED module lasts a staggering 50,000hours!

    Contains no mercury unlike metal halide and all types of discharge bulbs, it doesn't poison the environment when it is eventually disposed of.

    Produces a natural light that is similar to daylight all colours can be viewed correctly which is not the case for many low power consumption lights such as sodium street lights.

    Professional / Commercial grade quality construction conforming to IP65 standard. Powder coated die cast marine grade aluminium body, stainless steel bolts / fixings and toughened glass front cover will keep it looking smart for years.

    Working Cost Saving Example
    If you replace an existing traditional 200W halgen floodlight with our 20W LED variant you will save
    150Watts of energy or 2.1p per hour (16p per day based 8 hours typical usage) this equates to a saving of 58 pounds a year based on current energy prices (Mar 2011)

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